Prolock Security Clamps

the simple answer to wheel loss in commercial vehicles

The problem of wheel detachment on trucks and buses has occupied fleet engineers and transport specialists for many years. Much has been written, many tests conducted and a number of products developed to combat the problem. Yet wheels STILL come off.

Some companies view the matter very seriously, others fit some sort of device to pacify VOSA and HSE, others again take the approach that ‘it’s never happened to us’. Nevertheless, wheels STILL come off – in some cases causing injuries and even fatalities.

Prolock security clamps solve the problem. Not just an indicator, not a complicated device, not an expensive technological wonder, simply a clamp that locks on to two adjacent wheel nuts to stop them coming off.

New Propoint for added peace of mind

At Eurobus Expo, November 2012 we introduced the Propoint visual marker – the perfect complement to the Prolock security clamp. Adding Propoint markers to a wheel fitted with Prolock security clamps gives the professional operator the vital reassurance that all is well. We call this the Complete Wheel Protection Programme. Scroll down for more information.


Low cost and innovative Prolock security clamps are an ideal solution for preventing wheel loss. Simply fitted over adjacent pairs of wheel nuts, they prevent detachment in the event of loss of clamping force.

Prolock security clamps have an established track record for reliability in Europe for over 20 years and have TÜV approval.

Now a registered brand of Parma Industries, Prolock contributes to safety on British roads, following trials with major bus fleets.


  • Highly visible wheel nut warning
  • Simple to fit
  • Clear size indication
  • Durable and heat resistant
  • Finger tag for simple removal
  • Available in three colours

Propoint visual markers will assist the fleet operator and drivers in identifying potential wheel loss incidents. Clearly visible on a walk-round check, to give warning of a loose nut.

PPT-032B 32mm Visual Marker in blue
PPT-033B 33mm Visual Marker in blue
PPT-032R 32mm Visual Marker in red
PPT-033R 33mm Visual Marker in red
PPT-032Y 32mm Visual Marker in yellow
PPT-033Y 33mm Visual Marker in yellow
Propoint visual markers are available in three colours:
blue, red or yellow. Please indicate when ordering.


Here we have the solution to the wheel loss problem

Wheels become detached when the wheel nuts lose clamping force for some reason. To prevent this and the problems that arise, responsible operators need to take preventive action.

Prolock is an industry success story – these clamps will prevent wheel nuts coming off in the event of loss of clamping force.

Propoint visual markers give clear visual warning if any wheel nut has moved.

Prolock does the hard work – Propoint provides assurance
Either product can be fitted separately, but both together provide an unbeatable combination.