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Products and Services

Wheel Nut Safety

The problem of wheel detachment on trucks and buses has occupied fleet engineers and transport specialists for many years.

We have a dedicated product focus on wheel nut safety and security, with a company vision to eliminate commercial vehicle wheel loss through the supply of innovative, tried, tested and approved products. Not only do we provide unrivalled vehicle safety, but also peace of mind for fleet engineers throughout the UK and Europe.

HGV Wheel Trims

Parma Group has been supplying wheel trims since the company started in 1999. Our range has grown from simple beginnings to encompass one of the largest ranges of wheel trims in the UK.

Safety Wear

Staff and personnel will always be top on your safety policy. Parma’s range of work and Hi Visibility clothing ensures your drivers and garage staff will always stay safe, look smart and be seen when vehicles are in motion.

Vehicle Cleaning

Despite best intentions, when your fleet is at work, they will get dirty.

Parma’s Bettashine chemical cleaning range of traffic film removers and wheel cleaners along with the famous Vikan Transport range of brush equipment can help keep your fleet looking great.

Garage & Workshop

Everything you could need for your garage or workshop from tools and consumables, spill control and containment, through to janitorial supplies and first aid.

Vehicle Accessories

No matter how ideal your vehicle is, it’s always nice to add a little extra to personalise it to your own taste, or to improve safety and convenience.


We can deliver your goods to you promptly and securely anywhere in the UK.